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Postpartum hair oil

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Postpartum hair loss.. not on my watch.! Although the excessive shedding is considered normal, it can still be a lot to deal with.!


This hair oil is one of my favorites to make and the benefits are insane👌🏾


🥑🌱🌿 The ingredients used are known to promote hair growth. They’re also known to prevent dandruff, reduce thinning, increase thickness and improve shine.  Avocado oil is also one of the only oils that can actually penetrate the scalp and hair strands so it’s perfect for damaged hair. Other oils just sit on top of our hair/scalp which is why they give us a greasy feel 🥴


•How I use it. I DO NOT leave this in my hair for more than a few hours/overnight. I do this once a week (before wash day) when I have it on hand. I apply it on my scalp and strands (focusing on my ends).


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